Sunday, January 08, 2006

Email Meets Web Meets Console

The Goo is all about sticking Things together. There is one big queue of Things I deal with that feels largely disconnected from the rest of my work yet is very important: incoming email.

Important events come in via email (e.g., server down, database replication failed, friend is getting married, have a baby etc) but also unimportant events (e.g., email spam).

I want The Goo to help file events into my Care-O-Meter, manage my event horizon and generally help stick Things together automatically so I don't have too.

So why not pass this queue of incoming email via a Goo-powered filter first? The email filter can scan incoming emails for other Things and associate them with existing Things. But perception, and association is only part of the problem. The Goo needs to take actions too. Actions include adding hyperlinks to all Things found in the email, inserting an event high up into my Care-O-Meter (e.g., friend is getting married) or performing an automatic action (e.g., restart server), or injecting a special Goo-signature into the email that contains URL-based actions to minimise context switching.

Now that would help stick Things together. ;-)

1 comment: said...

That sounds awesome if it would work. However, I'm quite certain that some of the important emails would end up taken by the filter.

Only the challenge response system has proven effective in my opinion.